What you need

  1. your side of the data integration to get data in (or using our data provisioning infrastructure, e.g. for soccer content or weather information)
  2. a working ruleset
  3. a collection in the cockpit
  4. your Wordpress blog
  5. a Zapier account

Setting up Zapier

Set up a "Catch hook" in Zapier and copy the Webhook URL that is provided by Zapier:

Put that URL into the Webhook settings in the AX NLG Cloud (see this article for details):

Generate one text to push that text and data to Zapier.

Setup Wordpress side

Create "Create Post" action in Zapier, using the content "HTML" from the webhook for the content, and additional meta-information in the fields that you want:

Each text generation results in a new post in your Blog:

You can set your content production for that collection to "auto-generate" inside the AX NLG Cloud to have a fully automated production and publishing chain.

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