Browser Support

Because of performance and in-browser support of various CSS/HTML-features, it's currently strongly advised to use Google Chrome, in its latest stable version.

If you choose to use a browser other than the ones listed here, the site's pages may not display properly, and you may encounter problems while entering your application that Customer Service may not be able to resolve.

Browser Default Settings
To safeguard your application information and ensure that AX NLG Cloud tools works properly, make sure your browser is set up with the manufacturer’s default settings. 

Other Requirements

Because of the various the operation purpose, we are currently targeting a desktop environment with a large screen. a large monitor is strongly recommended. On any display width smaller than Full HD (1980px), some views might not be able to show all information that is needed in a proper manner. Actually, we even  recommend using 2 full-sized monitors for best performance.

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