Some "hard" requirements

  • Every text will be written based on one object. Therefore all the needed data needs to be contained inside of one object, not separate or with references between datasets. 
  • The keys in your dataset must not change over time.

Some more "soft" things

If you have control over how your data can be sent to the NLG Cloud Platform, this article helps you in providing a good example. We prefer JSON (you can integrate the JSON data yourself, instead of XML where you need our professional service team).

Example object


  "uid": 24114166,
  "name": "WKL 25406 MNE",
  "product_type": "dishwasher",
  "category_id": 3232,
  "brand": "Miele",
  "depth": "42 cm",
  "width": "60 cm",
  "colour": "white",
  "height": "88 cm",
  "weight": "52 kg",
  "feature": ["quantity control", "automatic dryer cycle"],
  "capacity": "5.0 kg",
  "function": ["digital imbalance compensator", "foam detection"],
  "price": 270.5,
  "actuality": "current",
  "anschlusswert": "1550 W",
  "average_price": 231.73,
  "max_spin_speed": "1000 U/min",
  "program_number": "15",
  "washing_program": ["wool"],
  "energy_consumption": "0.80",
  "energy_consumption_unit": "kWh",
  "spin_efficiency_class": "C",
  "energy_efficiency_class": "A+",
  "noise_level": "60 dB",
  "water_consumption_per_year": "9900 l",
  "energy_consumption_per_year": "168 kWh"

Features that you should look for:

  1. Flat: a flat JSON structure makes it easy to work with – but keep elements as they logically should be, e.g. lists should be lists
  2. speaking keys instead of "feature_ids", but you can configure that in the machine as well, if needed
  3. uid and name will be used to display the documents in the GUI, but if we don't find one in the object, the platform generates them for you
  4. you can keep numbers with the units, or have the unit in a separate key
  5. numbers can be numbers - or strings, of you have custom formatting in them
  6. a understandable type of object (e.g. producttype for a product) makes it easier later on to call the "thing" you are writing about correctly.
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