You need a working Google Analytics implementation on your website. [Currently, only Google Analytics is supported, if you have a different tracking tool, please contact us].

Howto implement Axite Tracking

  1. make sure that your Google Analytics snippet is working (either directly or via google tag manager)
  2. please make a support request to receive your personal axite tracking snippet: we need the domain that the snippet will be installed on and the e-mail adress of the person responsible for using the analytics (this needs to be associated to a google account)
  3. implement that snippet on your website on all pages, [after the google analytics code has been loaded], this will look like this:

4. use the "text_axite" field from the API and make sure that your system does not strip the HTML included: 

That's it.

Background information.

  • performance: our tracking script does not add overhead, loading time is only 2-5ms (
  • we use the google analytics JS snippet that exists, it is not loaded twice, saving on loading time time 
  • we use anonymized Google Analytics GA tracking, all privaycy/data protection is respected (your existing disclaimer to Google Analytics privacy covers the google side, our privacy concerns are covered by the privacy/data evaluations clauses in your contract with us)
  • we track into a different GA property, the customer-side GA stays clean and we don't have access to your internal GA tracking information like baskets, revenue or linked AdWords information.
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