Registration & Login

Go to the customer service desk. If you don't have an account yet, you can signup for an account.

To sign up you have to provide a valid e-mail-address and a password. Your password should be an appropriate length, contain some symbols and mixed-case letters. Avoid using only dictionary words or sequential numbers or characters.

Once you signed up, you can log in via your credentials. 

Raise a request

To raise a request, you first have to chose from one of the request type (whether you need help with AMTL3, have a feature request, have an issue with the billing or everything else. Request types are sorted by request categories, e.g. Platform Support, General or Billing . If you are unsure which request type fits best, just chose "Other / Manual Request" in category "General".

After you have chosen a request type, you will have to provide more information about the issue. Please fill in as many fields as you can. Required fields will be marked as "required".

After creating your request, you will get a confirmation e-mail. Your request is stored in our system. Our support team can start working on your request.

Follow up your request

Once you created an issue, you can follow up with your request by logging in to our service desk. 

Beside your avatar and login information you will find a dropdown menu. You will get a list of your open and closed requests by clicking on the button.

In the list view you can see the recent status of your request. If you click on the Reference or Summary of your request, you will get to the detail view with more information.

In this view you can...

  • see all history (like changes in status or comments).
  • comment on the request.
  • kill the issue (resolve the issue).
  • respond to support.
  • share this issue with other people.
  • set notification settings.

Also you can re-open an issue, once it has been resolved by someone.

You will get a notification via e-mail, every time someone comments your request or changes the status of your request. If not please check your notification settings ("Don't notify me") or your spam folder.

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