Sure thing, it can be helpful for your projects to work together with colleagues to get a better end result or just be faster than alone - so it is for your projects with the AX Semantics NLG Cloud. That's why you can invite team mates into your projects. Here you can read in detail how this works.

How do I invite team members to my group?

  • Go to the starting page of the NLG Cloud or click at the upper right corner on your profile options. There you see the name of your account with a little picture in a round icon.
  • On the right side you see information and options for your account in a white area. Click on Manage Team.
  • In order to invite a colleague as a team member into the project you may need an additional license depending on the service you have booked.
  • A) To find out how many more team members you can invite, click on the green INVITE USER button. If the page says "You still have 1 invite left" - or even more - enter the name and email address of your colleague to invite him or her to the project.
  • B) If you don't have any invites (left) to invite a colleague to your project, click on the blue BILLING button at the top. Now click on the green button UPGRADE LICENSE. A window will open in the middle with a green button BUY LICENSE AND INVITE USER, click on it and buy another license bindingly. Please note that you only get a small note in the lower right corner of your screen that you have now purchased another license. Now go to A) (see above) to invite a colleague to your project. By the way: If you have any questions about the costs, please contact your Customer Success Agent
  • The user you invited to your project will now receive an email with a link to the AX Semantics NLG Cloud. If he or she clicks this link, your colleague will have access to your project.

Edit the roles of your team members

As owner you can set different roles for your project's team members - these define the access level for that specific project. There are 3 roles you can choose under Manage Team:

Owner: The owner has the most extensive powers. As the owner you are the contractual partner for the purchase of licenses. You can also set the roles of other team members. Of course, you can also work on the training itself.
The owner can only be changed manually via our AX Support.

Admin: The admin can be understood as a team leader. He or she can also add new team members to the project. Of course, the admin can also work on the project as normal.

Editor: An editor can work on the project and has no other permissions. Note that the editor can also see who is the admin and owner of a project.

You can easily change the roles of the different team members in the Manage Team settings.

Switch between teams

Of course it is possible to be a member of several teams at the same time with one account - for one team for example as owner, for another as editor, etc.

You can see how to switch between teams here:

In your settings of your profile under CHANGE PROFILE you simply click on CHANGE and you'll see the teams to which you belong to. Select one of the teams to work on its projects.

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