For the purpose of clarification, it can be helpful to display information in a table in your texts. With this article you will learn how to do that.

  1. Create a new statement in NEXT in the WRITE mode of the COMPOSER by clicking on the green plus sign.
  2. Now its getting tricky: You can create a Markdown Table yourself, but it's much easier to go to a website that allows you to generate such a table for free, like this one
  3. Specify the size of your table, i.e. how many columns and rows there should be and edit them. You can also upload an existing table.
  4. Copy the output Markdown Table (e.g. via ctrl+c or cmd+c)
  5. Now go back to NEXT and paste the copied Markdown Table into your previously created statement (e.g. via ctrl+p or cmd+p). So that the engine recognizes the table as such, a line break (Enter key) must be made before and after the table. You can also add "normal" sentences to the statement before or after the line breaks.
  6. The whole thing could look like this now:

7. In your generated text, which you can look at the Review or in the Results, this table      now looks like this:

8. In the Write mode you can create containers for each of the cells of the table as           usual and thus define the content with your data and your ruleset.

This way, individual Markdown Tables can be quickly and easily incorporated into NEXT.

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