In this article you can read about what you should mind if you want to generate SEO optimized texts with the NLG Cloud. This way your website may rank a higher position at search engines such as Google.

Concerning texts, the Google algorithms basically appreciate different aspects turning text into high quality content with a real value for readers.

"There’s no minimum length, and there’s no minimum number of articles a day that you have to post, nor even a minimum number of pages on a website. In most cases, quality is better than quantity. Our algorithms explicitly try to find and recommend websites that provide content that’s of high quality, unique and compelling to users. Don’t fill your site with low-quality content, instead work on making sure that your site is the absolute best of its kind." – John Müller, Webmaster Trend-Analyst, Google Switzerland

Unfortunately there is no list of defined measures that Google provides, describing how you can turn your text into a perfect SEO text, that Google will rank on top. But there are a few things you can mind to satisfy not only the Google algorithms but also the human readers of your texts. That is because Google wants you to provide content that fits the needs of people and not those of algorithms. So if you write a high quality text for your target group, it will also improve your SEO ranking.

What are the things, that are decisive for a high quality text?

For most SEO optimized texts a length of round about 300 words is appropriate, because it is a good compromise - concise but long enough to provide the reader with a lot of interesting information. But this is just a rough recommendation.

As mentioned before the length of a text is not decisive, but especially its content. You may orient yourself towards the following tips:

  • Your texts should have an added value for your customers and relate to the product/service by naming benefits, special features and details. Therefore, go into the details of your data and interpret them instead of simply naming them: What does it mean when a smartphone has "NFC"? What is the advantage of a smartphone that has a display over 6 inches or less than 4 inches?
  • Be special in terms of content and rhetoric and write about your product/service in a unique way that no competitor does: "Smartphones with an very large display are not only great for playing games and watching videos, they are also much quicker to find in a handbag." That's how you stand out from competitive websites.
  • Avoid duplicate content and write in a varied way. Create variants for sentences and phrases and synonymize individual words or terms. It is not that bad if they are similar or even identical in content. When writing variants, it is helpful to change positions of phrases within the sentence and use different grammatical cases.
  • Find out which keywords are particularly attractive for your product/service. Build them into headlines and into important text sections such as summaries or conclusions. The share of your keywords should not exceed 2-3%. Also use synonyms for those keywords.
  • Describe your product/service briefly and concisely in a summary, as well as long and detailed in the following text.
  • In your text, also refer to features and other content on your site, such as related products or call-to-action elements.
  • Use a clear and natural language. Make sure your text is good to read, structured, and formatted by including headlines, subheadlines, paragraphs, summaries and conclusions. All headlines should be formatted as HTML headlines. You may also add images and graphics.

Those are some things you can do to optimize your texts for Google and other search engines. With the various tools and functions of the AX Semantics NLG Cloud you can quickly and easily implement them for your texts, whether it's synonyms and sentence variants, sentence or phrase triggers or story types. Don't just name your data in your texts, but use them for unique interpretations: The smartphone has a powerful battery and a extra bright display with gorilla glass? Then it is the ideal device for hikers.

You don't have to implement all these tips one to one in order to write high quality and therefore SEO optimized texts, but they help you to generate texts with the NLG Cloud that you like to read yourself, because they are informative, unique, vivid and easy to understand - and these are features that will improve the SEO ranking of your website.

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