In order to generate variant texts, the software first needs a data set with structured data for each generated text, from which it can take the information on the content of each text - you can later generate a text for each data set.

This document will help you to design a model for the data on your topic.

Step 1:

When designing a data model, imagine that the content you are writing about is an item with the properties that describe it - whether you are actually writing on products, categories, events, football matches, and so on.

Step 2:

Consider what characteristics your "products" have and what your texts should say. 

In the case of different events to be written on, these could be the date, time, location, type of event, etc. that are to be described individually in each text for each event. These properties can vary per "product" and thus per text - which is why we have to record them in a structured form in the data so that the software can access them.

Step 3:

Write each property in its own Excel column, e.g.: 

Column 1: Type_of_event, Column 2: Date, Col 3: Location
and so forth 

Pay attention to the following:

  • Do not use spaces for data field names (connect words with _)
  • Fill in a column "uid" for a unique ID of each record
  • Fill in a data field "name"

Step 4:

Fill in the properties of your "products" now. 

Each row corresponds to a product, so you maintain all the properties of a product in one row. 

It is important to ensure uniformity! Always give the same circumstance the same name and do not write whole sentences in one field - the smaller the data, the better.


The properties of the sofa are divided into individual columns, so that many sofas with their properties can be entered in them.

After formulating and configuring the sentences, you can then generate the following text, for example:

  • Dark green passages: contents that come directly from the data
  • Light green passages: contents that can be derived from the data

Example file to fill in

You can use the following file as a template for filling in your data:

Click to download

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