If you intend to refer to specific attributes in one of your listed JSON objects, you can do so by utilizing the list function from our ATML3 Markup language. 

The data structure looks like this:

{"a": "1", "b":"2", "c":"3"},
{"a": "4", "b":"5", "c":"6"}


This is a list of 2 JSON Objects in which each object has multiple attributes:

To refer to that attributes and state them in your stories you first have to navigate to the first object in your list:

list[] (please note that the counting of list elements starts with 0, for the second element use the list function like this instead: list[1])
A property utilizing this is then reading the first object and able to put the whole structure in your text:  {"a": "1", "b":"2", "c":"3"}

To refer to a single attribute you can then add the name of the attribute to refer to the value like this: list[0].a

A property utilizing this is then reading the value of the attribute named a and is thus able to put a specific element of the whole structure in your text: 

Property 1: list[0].a -> "1"
Property 2: list[0].b -> "2"
Property 3: list[0].c -> "3"

By this you are then able to split up the attributes in different properties and rearange them individually in your story.

Helpful information about lists and objects:

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